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19 Jul 2019


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 14 Sep 2012

Just like a car needs maintenance from time to time, in order to run at full performance, so does a computer need cleaning and fixing problems. That's because installing a lot of programs and then removing them can generate a lot of junk files and useless registry keys. These items can cause the performance of the system to drop and can even generate errors and stability issues. That's why it's very important to check the system for problems from time to time. Doing so will avoid bigger problems later on. But using Windows alone is not enough for fixing computer problems. That's because the Disk Cleanup utility it contains isn't good enough for cleaning the computer, leaving a lot of useless files behind.

But after installing the Auslogics BoostSpeed, things change. This simple Windows program can clean and repair all the aspects of the operating system, making it run like the first day it was installed. The program is compatible with any Windows version and can be installed in seconds.

After installing and running the program, a graphical interface will appear, allowing the user to scan the system using a single click. The program includes four modes of scanning, a simple one, a second one that also repairs found problems and two other modes that put the computer into sleep mode or shutdown when the process is over.

No matter what scanning method is used, the program will clearly display in real time every action performed and it will display in a graphical mode how much performance loss the found problems generate. At this point, the user can fix all found problems or only some of them.

The System Advisor tab included in the interface can display some useful tips regarding the improvement of system performance. These tips can be automatically fixed using a single mouse click. The Resource Tab clearly shows in a graphical way the amount of system resources taken up by each running program. This feature can show the user why the operating system runs so slow and what programs are taking up the most resources and need to be closed.

Advanced users can run each type of scanning process manually, for having more control over the functionality of the program. As such, the hard disk can be scanned for junk files and can also be defragmented, resulting in an increase of performance. On the other hand, all installed software can be viewed and easily uninstalled, in a much better way than using the default Windows uninstaller, without leaving any traces behind.

The File Recovery feature allows recovering any deleted file or folder, even if the file was removed from the Recycle Bin.


It features a 1-click operation, for automatically taking care of all system problems and restoring performance and stability. Besides that, it can offer useful tips for improving system performance. Furthermore, advanced users can manually run each type of scan, for having a much better control over the program's functionality. What's more, software can be completely uninstalled using the special program feature for this.


The trial version can work only for 15 days. Using the Auslogics BoostSpeed application, you will be sure that your computer always runs at full speed and stability.

Auslogics BoostSpeed


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